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extra score in game list

Time Bomb posted this 03 February 2014

just wondered uif we can have 80+ scores as well on the in game scoring along with 100+ 140+ 170 180 because i hit a lot of 80 scores and it doesnt always represent the game when not alot of merits hve been hit i witnessed on 3/2/14 queball vs tomski tomski only hit 1 100 1 140 yet his avg was neally 60 and won 6-0 now im sure he hit alot of 80's would just be nice as 85 81 83 are hit a lot and it just makes the scoreing look a little fuller cheers for looking in 

Queball5 posted this 03 February 2014

Yes i agree this could be a nice feature, maybe not for the polished players, but the lower skilled players could gain alot of coinfence knowing that they are hitting near double there average on many occassions, especially when those missed doubles makes it look like you played shite ( excuse my french), when you actually had a good game you were just shady on the doubles.