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My ideas (friends list & colouring of name in lobby)

Danny_The Show_Trueman posted this 03 February 2014

1) I would like to see a friends list added. (similar to facebook) where we could add players we have particularly enjoyed palying against or u found to be an equal but challenging match?


2) how about a colour scheme for names in lobby that represents overall average? eg. (gold 85+, silver 80+, bronze 75+ etc????) would u allow u to pitch your games at an appropraite level at a glance?


Cheers! What does everone think??

Michel Poppema posted this 05 February 2014

1) Friends idea is a nice idea...

2) Why not change the alphabetical order for an order based on averages instead?

dfnder posted this 05 February 2014

If you have a friends list - posting your friends that are online up to the top of the list would make it quicker and easier to select them.

Otherwise being able to check a box (similar to "available") for friends so that you could display only your friends on the list.  Not real Canadian like to exclude people but some may like it hehe.


Danny_The Show_Trueman posted this 06 February 2014

hmmmm nice idea dfnder

tompson077 posted this 11 April 2019

Friendslist would be great!