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Cricket Feature

Reysing posted this 27 March 2014

Hello =),

Maybe it could be a good idea to play some cricket games with ranking feature ;)

swedishgrandson posted this 01 April 2014

I love this idea! I vote yes. that is if I had or get a vote.


BillEast posted this 04 April 2014

Get r Done!

victorprieto posted this 18 April 2014


Guillotine posted this 20 April 2014

i like cricketsmiley grin


Assassin posted this 21 April 2014

yes yes yes cricket will be good 

o2jmpr posted this 30 May 2014

Uber Please!!!  I'm on the fence as to whether or not to fully join, just been lurking, but Cricket games/tourneys would make that a super easy decision!

Post Edited 30 May 2014

RobSoik posted this 07 August 2014

Cricket would definitely be a good game to add to this site.