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mute opponents mic on your throw :)

dfnder posted this 25 March 2014


Hawksey posted this 28 March 2014


Looker posted this 17 July 2014

This is a great idea.  I will play with earphones in just to block out the noise you hear while you are throwing.  Some people have dogs, kids or wifes that make some noise they do not realize how distracting it can be.  

Music, TVs, and other constant noises are not so disturbing to me, but it's the abrupts bark, and screams and hollars from family members that is distracting. 


Claymore posted this 06 August 2014

I actually like sound. It's part of what makes it feel like I'm playing actual people and not just a computer program. Sure, it can get excessive, but for the most part I haven't had problems.