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Awards program

o2jmpr posted this 30 May 2014

Has any consideration ever been given to an awards program for tournament/league/monthly and quarterly winners?  Something like a special section on the website for recognition or a little trophy icon on the user profile, printable certificates etc?  In the same manner, how about things like hat trick/ton 80 etc recognition?  I know little things like that are great fun for me anyway.

Hawksey posted this 30 May 2014

Yeah I've got some ideas around this :)

JO-JO posted this 24 June 2014

I like this idea! An award page or even a list of all Singles winners...

OR evryone throws in $5 for a tournamnet once a month... maybe through a paypal account, something to make people even try harder! What does everyone else think? any better ideas????

Karmaold posted this 24 July 2014

A good way to do this would be to maybe add a banner of some sort next to the name/profile that you can see in the lobby.

Area51 Champ posted this 18 April 2017

Cool! I love these discussions....did this happen? I don't think it did...but let's do it!