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Practice games against CPU

CHEZZA posted this 02 May 2014

Would there be a way that you guys could make a computer controlled opposition that you can play against and set its throw to a specific average to practice against. I think this would be good when there are not alot of people online or you would like to challenge yourself against a much harder opposition as some of the really good players on here wont play us mugs ( I dont blame them really ). So say for example if it was set to play you on 100 average you had to go out in 15 darts before the CPU. If the cricket ever happens to take off on here the same thing could be applied as a difficulty level from 1-10. What is everyones thoughts on this???

Hawksey posted this 03 May 2014

I have a few things like this in the works ;)

dartnut posted this 05 June 2014

this a great idea and is there a possible projected date as to when this might be accomplished -- just curious !!


Reverend posted this 16 July 2014

I use an Iphone App called DartPro to do that.  Keeps track of stats as well.