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Bezza94 posted this 30 May 2014

Is there going to be anymore regular tournaments throughout the year, like a World Championships and other majors.??

The tournaments on Friday and Sundays are great fun but alot of the time players with lower averages like me end up getting someone with a 65+ average in the first round and lose 4-0, So I think it would be good to either have the option to run tournaments by ourselves anytime we like or maybe something like people between 40-60 averages in 1 tournament and then 60+ in the other tournament. This would then give players with lower averages a much more evenly matched playing field, and everyone would have a chance of winning whereas currently, it is often the same people getting to the finals week in week out. 

This would be a good idea as it would mean that there is something for everybody? smiley grinsmiley grinsmiley grin