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Most Improved Players List

BillEast posted this 03 July 2014

Would be nice to see who the most imporved Players are maybe based on  last 100- 200 legs.  I was wondering if someone has upped there avg game from like a 35 to a 55 or 45 to a 70.   Just a thought.  Being that we keep the trending statistcis should be easy to grab


Bill East

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The Mad Monk posted this 03 July 2014

ive gone from 46 to 51 when i started i was prob around the 30 mark  but slowly got higher 

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BillEast posted this 03 July 2014

I think I have went from a 51 - 56 Shooting for 60 here soon

Hawksey posted this 05 July 2014

is a good idea, ill see if i can get it in at some point

Mutzer posted this 09 July 2014

yes somtimes i wonder´s easy-..Teamwork!   or just 2 boards 2 cams and an actor. it is very hard to keep the Avg. constantly, i fell from 51 to 39 but won against 57-59ers, !?!

and another lil prob, players got their cam verified but sometimes you can only trust or believe the score/finish...i finished games cuz cheating,

but WDA rules!!! good work guys!!!smiley lol