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Uploading an Avatar Picture 101

Marathon Man posted this 04 December 2018

There is a bug on our system meaning some people may not get an "upload" button to upload an avatar picture.

If you do not see an "upload" button try allowing "flash" on the profile page then refresh the page.

1) Go to your profile page.


2) Right click on the small padlock in the address bar then left click on "Site Settings"

3) Click on the flash options and click "allow" then close the settings tab and return to the profile tab.

4) You will be prompted to refresh the profile tab, refresh it.

5) You should now see an "upload" button and be able to upload an avatar pic.

theWELDER2.0 posted this 07 December 2018


The Trying Scotsman posted this 23 January 2019

uploaded photo, still have the default picture!!

Nano posted this 26 May 2019

no me sale perfil para poner foto .....que puedo hacer ??


Maxi Contreras posted this 02 June 2019

como traducir la pagina al español ? gracias


Post Edited 02 June 2019

Zakkaria ITALY posted this 30 October 2019

i can't change actual avatar. reload different pictures nothing appens.
Recharge pic from a local pc directory, or change the original directory when the shall window opens

NOW I have Italy flag :-) (may be interesting see in profile the nation of player)

Post Edited 30 October 2019

Plexxoo posted this 19 January 2020

Ich kann auch nach dem Flash keine bilder reinstellen


Panzerwinker posted this 26 January 2020

please change my name at Plada

FONZIE.71 posted this 20 March 2020

please change my name from FONZIE.71 to thanks.

Moliminator posted this 26 March 2020

I'm told "Invalid File" each time I try to upload. smiley cry

Tried multiple times with various pictures, sizes and formats (jpg, png). Smallest was 4 kb, 200 dpi.

Anyone who can help me please? What's required to the pic?

Post Edited 26 March 2020