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Uploading an Avatar Picture 101

flo86 posted this 10 April 2020

TheJaca posted this 11 April 2020

TheJaca posted this 11 April 2020


Farias Darts posted this 21 April 2020

Pra mim não aparece o Profile, conforme imagem. O que tenho que fazer?

Bubble180 posted this 21 April 2020

uploaded picture....on my profile when you get into it, but when goes on main screen nothing as yet, regards Alex

Aleksey posted this 06 May 2020

KurtTheCool posted this 14 May 2020

How can I edit my Nickname???


Dj Fazzo posted this 23 May 2020

Ich stelle jedes mals auf FLASH Akzeptieren und es funktioniert nie! .-(


Dartniel posted this 26 May 2020


 Please I need your help with three requests:

 1.- Please approve my camera,

 2.- Please change my nickname from DANICHILE to DARTNIEL,

 3.- I have more than 20 games and my Avg does not appear.

 Thanks for your managemet,

 Best regards,


oonursal posted this 19 June 2020



Post Edited 19 June 2020