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how do i join league?

MartinVanGerwen posted this 07 September 2020


Ricky19 posted this 03 November 2020

I am looking to join a league can somebody help   Rick  [email protected]    Log in name Ricky19

RebelMC posted this 22 November 2020

i would also like to join a league.  avg just over 60.

Sufjasje posted this 06 December 2020

I looking for a League avg 48-55

DMSparta posted this 31 December 2020

looking for league around 45-60 avg

The Doctor posted this 02 January 2021

I run leagues. under 54.99 wda leagues on facebook


AfcbJosh posted this 06 January 2021

im looking to join a league please have just under 44 average

Sgt Stinger posted this 31 May 2021

Can i join a league?



IndianSauve12 posted this 26 June 2021
??join the wda facebook group leage when it starts again its super good

The ondertaker posted this 20 February 2022

im looking for a leuage 45 50