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how do i join league?

Bradzo posted this 27 February 2022

i am looking to join a league... my average is so incosistant... sometimes 53 others 71... i think playing more will make it more consistant

jhonny002 posted this 20 January 2023
i would also like to join a league.  avg just over

CaptainSmirnoff posted this 02 March 2023

How do i Create a League?


or is there any leagues i can join in the UK?

Special K posted this 04 May 2023

I'm looking to join a league. Average of between 50-70 depending on if I hit my doubles! smiley lol

Synyster1991 posted this 25 May 2023

looking to join a league i play almost everyday 

Joel1984 posted this 12 August 2023

How do I join a league?