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Daco posted this 26 January 2022



first, i come from germany and my english is bad...

i have bough a tungsten membership 3 weeks ago and nothing happens -.-

i wrote a mail, logout login, nothing happens.

i love this site but i want my membership. i had pay with paypal . 2019 i do it the same way and after 3 days all was fine.



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CroDartz posted this 01 April 2022

Did you got your membership approved? I donated today but still waiting?

Billyard posted this 15 April 2022

I donated approx 3 weeks ago.  I think it just takes a little bit of time for the admin to get around to approve it.

Aces_Union posted this 18 April 2022

I also paid the membership but no name in gold. 

I had to make a new account a while ago, before paying, because a name change was never recieved, after like 2 months of waiting.

Or there is no admin, or the admin is just too slow or doesn't do the tasks of one.

Shame, because things like this make a page lift off or get forgotten by other pages that excel. I'm afraid the latter will happen to this one.