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Logged in with wrong account

stolidshark2 posted this 28 March 2020


I have accidently logged in with my 2nd gmail account that wasn't linked to this site [I thought it was]. Every time i log out and try to log back in using my correct gmail account it automatically logs me in with the wrong account. 

Could anyone advise me how i can log back in with my verfied account? 

RedHotPepper posted this 24 June 2020

Same thing is happening to me! And the answer is???

ALittleToTheLeft posted this 08 July 2020

I am in the same position.

I've accidentally created 2 accounts and now it keeps signing me into the 2nd account where I have no history.


The kiero posted this 16 December 2020

i have same problem. Can someone please help how i can remove the wrong account