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Logged in with wrong account

stolidshark2 posted this 28 March 2020


I have accidently logged in with my 2nd gmail account that wasn't linked to this site [I thought it was]. Every time i log out and try to log back in using my correct gmail account it automatically logs me in with the wrong account. 

Could anyone advise me how i can log back in with my verfied account? 

RedHotPepper posted this 24 June 2020

Same thing is happening to me! And the answer is???

ALittleToTheLeft posted this 08 July 2020

I am in the same position.

I've accidentally created 2 accounts and now it keeps signing me into the 2nd account where I have no history.


The kiero posted this 16 December 2020

i have same problem. Can someone please help how i can remove the wrong account


BISKO1 posted this 14 February 2021
Ciao, Ho accidentalmente effettuato l'accesso con il mio secondo account Gmail che non era collegato a questo sito [pensavo lo fosse]. Ogni volta che esco e provo ad accedere di nuovo utilizzando il mio account Gmail corretto, mi accede automaticamente con l'account sbagliato.  Qualcuno potrebbe consigliarmi come posso accedere nuovamente con il mio account verificato?

Amos gilly posted this 29 March 2021

I also have logged in two account, god knows how I managed that. Barry Bully is the account Iam using but it comes up Amos gilly. How can I put this right? Many thanks & sorry for any inconvenience. 

howard30 posted this 02 April 2021

Hi all

I have the same problem.

Can someone let me know how to delete the unused account please?

Its this account (howard30) I need deleting. Please help 



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