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Webcam darts program doesnt see webcam which is connected to a tablet. please solution

The Mower posted this 23 June 2020

I have a Samsung tablet. I connected the camera to the tablet . The camera works. So I open the webcamdarts program and want to do the webcam test. But the webcamdarts program doesnt see the webcam on my tablet. 

 What is the solution for this problem? 

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Lids posted this 02 April 2021

I am having the same problem. I am using a Logitech C270 webcam and a Samsung tablet. I see no one replied to you. Did you find a solution?

Bman posted this 12 October 2021

I also have a samsung tablet and C270 cam with the same problem.  it was working fine when i first set it up then it started lagging and then it wouldnt connect at times.  seems a common issue in here but looks like the tech staff doesnt give much assistance?   did you find resolve?

Warez posted this 30 August 2022

I have also the same problem with my samsung tablet. Have you found any solution?

Bman posted this 16 December 2022

I also have the same reoccuring and intermittent problem with my older samsung tablet.   using windows 10 and google chrome.

Wezze posted this 09 January 2023

i have the same problem , samsung tablet and c270 . camera works but not in the list with cam check