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Cam Cecked please

THE EMI posted this 04 March 2021
camera check please - thanks

Jost Josten posted this 31 March 2021

Hello @all,

I need help for my CAM-setup. I think it workes good and the position is OK, but didn´t get a CAM-star. Could somebody pleas check my CAM to fix issues, if there is something wrong? smiley eek blue

Greatings - Jost Josten

lasdebeer posted this 01 April 2021

camera check please:)

Stourup posted this 10 April 2021

can i get my cam checked?

MaFeLeKu posted this 11 April 2021

CAm Check Please


PurpleWayne posted this 14 April 2021

Camera verification please.

Wilfried Schweitzer posted this 09 May 2021

Can you check my cam, i would like to play tournaments?

Thank you.

hriesnik26 posted this 23 May 2021


The Scarecrow posted this 29 May 2021

can i get a cam check please

Db4D posted this 30 May 2021

I need also a cam check please , thx in advance