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Webcam error

RonnyBang posted this 25 July 2021

Hello ivengot a new computer, my camerawont show up on camtest, it shows this error

navigator.getUserMedia error: {"name":"NotAllowedError","message":"Permission denied by system"}

Permissions is okay in chrome, i hvae triede other browsers with same resault.

any idea ?

BudRJ posted this 01 August 2021

Hy there, im having exactly the SAME problem here.

This starts to happen when i configure my OBS Virtual Camera.

look: navigator.getUserMedia error: {"name":"NotAllowedError","message":"Permission denied by system"}

please someone can help us?

Bman posted this 12 October 2021

I am having the same camera issue also.  

Serafin posted this 02 December 2021

the same

VAGA posted this 04 January 2022

navigator.getUserMedia error: {"name":"NotAllowedError","message":"Permission denied by system

Cobanaiter posted this 07 January 2022

I have the same issue, would love a fix