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Some Help for New Members

lipÄ posted this 23 May 2022
Marathon Man
Welcome to WDA! here are some tips to help you. # Use Google Chrome browser for WDA, the lobby and site pages will load using any browser but the gaming platform will only work using certain browsers, chrome is the main one, Mozilla Firefox works also. Try to make sure your browsers are up to date. # Every player should make sure they have a working External Camera and Microphone, It is YOUR responsibility as a member to provide your opponent with this. Your Camera should provide a close and clear view of your dartboard, Just above Bull height and off to one side is best (depending on your lighting and setup)  You can use this link to test your camera and mic are working / see how your camera looks >  ** Make sure any and all applications that use your webcam are closed before trying to start a game (including your camera software) To make any changes to settings / permissions while in the gaming tab make your changes then refresh the tab by pressing F5. # To watch the action while in the chat lobby click the red "Stats" tab then "Running Games" # To find an opponent / Game you should make yourself "Available" by clicking on your name box (top right) Also click the "Available Only" box to show only available players in the list.  Click on any available player and click "Play Darts" to challenge the player, Click "Load Game" to load the gaming platform. You can challenge multiple players at once, first to accept the game will get the game but be aware it is possible to confuse the system if you challenge too many and they all accept at the same time!   # Camera Approval - After every ranked format game vs a camera approved player your setup & Etiquette will be rated, after 10 ratings your camera approval star will be awarded but only if the ratings are good enough. Ratings are ongoing and must remain above a certain level or you may lose your camera approval star.   # Equalizer / Ladder / EQXL Games are ranked games, all basic 501 / 701 etc formats are un-ranked pure practice games and will not show up in your stats. # Form Average - An average based on your last rolling 20 Ranked Games. # Respect your opponents at all times! Sometimes there will be language barriers, connection issues, poor camera images or uncontrollable interruptions, sometimes your opponents scores may look different to the scores called or entered, cameras can be deceiving!  webcamdarts requires you to have a good calm attitude and a healthy portion of trust in your fellow dart players, this is vital for you to be able to enjoy this platform! # If you would ever intentionally cheat at a game of darts you should log out of webcamdarts and never return. # You should keep any and all background noise to an absolute minimum when playing on webcamdarts, we don't want to hear your music, it sounds like crap through a webcam microphone. Uncontrollable noise such as kids and the stuff of life are things we all must accept, but you should do what you can to control and minimize them. # You should communicate well with your opponent and call all your scores out verbally.  # Throw Darts - Call Your Score - Enter Your Score - Remove Your Darts # Always remove your darts last, this gives your opponent a bit longer to see your shots and by entering your score sooner keeps the game flowing smoothly. # Any problems can be reported to us using the contact link at the top of the chat lobby, alternatively you can message a moderator (pink name color) or admin (green name color) in the lobby. # We take accusations of cheating very seriously but we do not publicly accuse a player of being a cheat without strong evidence to back it up (video) We ask that you do not either. If you suspect your opponent to be a cheat please report it quietly to us so we can deal with it, once streaming is back working there will be nowhere to hide and cheaters will be caught but for now please keep a cool head, it is only practice. # If you wish to support the site, Membership 2021 is available through the shop £10 for the year or by making a minimum £10 donation via the donate button at the bottom of most wda pages. There are perks to being a member but it is mostly a show of support for the site at this point. Shirt patches are also available through the wda shop at the top of the chat lobby. Some Helpful Links ... # Join our facebook group for info / banter / discussion relating to webcamdarts - >>>>click here<<<< # webcamdarts Chat Smilies - >>>>Click Here<<<<    # wda Shop -  >>>>Click Here<<<<  # Rejoin your Game - >>>>Click Here<<<< We hope you enjoy webcamdarts, and if you can, please take the time to help a new member when possible, community is the key to this whole thing. Game On!

weezie posted this 24 May 2022

hi marathon man 

 i have been playing for a while now i dont know if the people i am playing agenst are giving rating after games i now i do i am trying to get cam approved so i can join tourments can you give me a suggest on what i can do thank you 

Gentleman posted this 5 weeks ago

Moin,wie kann ich denn mein Pröfilbild ändern ?